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First Bee of Spring 2 by PhotuBug

Critique from the Extreme-Macro group [link]

I love the low angle on this one -shooting from the subject's perspective is a great way to bring out the personality in the critter. I also like the light in this one, warm (to saturate the colors) and diffused (pleasant specular highlights).

Unfortunately there is very little of the subject in focus. It would help if you had locked the bottom of the frame in place once the leading leg was in focus, and then tilted the top of the camera deeper into the frame. Then the area of acceptable focus would start at that leading leg and fall over the top of the bee's head at an angle. It might have been possible to get most of that leading antenna in focus as well just by tilting the top of the camera.
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PhotuBug Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2010
Hey Dalantech, really appreciate the tips and advice, it will really help me improve.

I'm still a bit confused about the tilting though, wouldn't that just result in a completely different angle?, because if I were to tilt the top of the camera forward, wouldn't that just tilt the lens down, making it look in a different place? Or do you mean going from a higher angle to result 'better' depth of field (more important stuff in focus)?

Hopefully I'll be receiving a flash soon, so I'll combine that with your advice and practice and I'll hopefully be on my way!
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